Affirm your right to prosperity and abundance !

Hello, a hot and exciting subject, isn’t it ? (Sorry for my bad english but I wanted to share this with more people because this is a huge subject) !

Even though we are more and more to want a reasonable economic decline, the fact remains that we all want to live decently , eat, drink , have a decent roof over your head , be well dressed , have friends, a fulfilling job, maybe take trips , or whatever .

Live happily !

Geldhahn zudrehen

Of course , these objectives are different for each of us. However, at this time when there is talk of crisis and many other bad news , it is time to reconsider things !

We have already discussed in a previous article ( « imprégnez-vous de sentiments positifs »  » ) but remember that we can not attract or create what we do not have even a little ! And if we want to change something on the outside, we must first change ourselves inside! Hence the need to think carefully about our spirit condition, our relationship to money and abundance in a much broader sense . This also applies to our relationships, our creations , etc. .

For example, we can not want more money, and at the same time , those who criticize or moan … after our bills! We must look at things from another more positive and constructive manner and  » clean  » false beliefs and bad about it. Define why we want this or that and think about our impact on others and the world.

But above all, be at peace , grateful, generous, hunt fears …

Notice I say « we » because I ‘m not quite yet out of my old packaging . What I propose today is a challenge that we could do as a group. I confess that I already feel the effects of this exercise, since I made ​​the video by myself and I can tell you that I spent a few hours writing and repeat the sentences that I propose , while I made the music, etc. . ! 🙂

I feel truly blessed!

Enjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunset

Moreover, we could share our testimonies . What do you think about this ?

Here is the exercise I suggest you do to achieve your goals :

If it suits you, I invite you to use it as often as necessary, and preferably for at least 21 days to start , because this is the time required for body cells to absorb new programmings. Then you will normally continue the process , perhaps with ups and downs, but as surely as you have the intention to get it ! And your life will change in the direction you want! 🙂

If this is not the case, maybe you need additional work to clean up the field before planting … If you feel the need or desire to expedite the process, you have the option of complete this work by other means that are many :

-Bach flowers

-solarisations (also made ​​from flowers but without alcohol, you will find all the details on these products by clicking on the link) : L’oiseau vert

-relaxation – including self- suggestions (see MENTAL WAVES)

-art therapy and all other forms of therapy that will help you get rid of your old patterns

( psychotherapy, NLP, energy healing , etc.). !

And do not forget :  » Be happy to breathe , be happy to live ! »

couverture behappy

Do not hesitate to leave me comments, opinions, ideas, stories , etc. . because this site is a forum !

With my encouragements 😉

Nadège COMPPER .

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