Napoleon HILL teaches us how to succeed in life!

If you are looking for more success in your life, you may have heard of Napoleon HILL, the man who said, « Whatever the mind of man can conceive and comes to believe, he can achieve. » Napoleon Hill (1883 – 1970).

He wrote one of the most inspiring books of the modern world: « Think and Grow Rich« , and another one that I personally prefer: « Success through constructive thinking« .

Here is Napoleon HILL‘s favorite expression of gratitude:

« O divine providence, I do not ask for more wealth, but for more wisdom to make better use of the riches you gave me at birth which reside in the power to control and direct my own mind to whatever dreams I desire. »

The most important thing is of course to believe that it works!

If you want to go further with mastering your mind, I’ve found the best teacher around to help you recalibrate your brain!

I’ve already shared with you videos on « How the World Works, just that! » to activate your beliefs and heal your old negative beliefs. You can go deeper into the subject by reading Gregg BRADEN’s courses which I found particularly enlightening.

Personally, I had a lot of trouble believing, despite all the messages I heard and the books I read. A real block! Gregg BRADEN and his demonstrations on quantum physics finally broke down my last hesitations… and little by little, I started to feel that all this is really true!

It is like someone who has been in prison for so long and who is told, one day, that he is free… he may find it hard to believe at first! But, after a while, in front of the evidence, he starts to take his head out of his cell and learns again to appreciate the sunlight and his newfound freedom…

I sincerely believe that many of us are living this right now, or that we will be more and more numerous to live it! The secret is now out and can only spread to more and more people! This blog contributes to this!

I wish you to believe in your power and use it to create a beautiful life for yourself and those around you! It ends up affecting the whole world!


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